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Through its Housing Department, Los Sures acquires and develops low-income housing for the community of North Brooklyn. To date, it has rehabilitated and constructed 2,950 units in over 300 buildings and has developed 43 co-ops, with 1,002 units. In addition, the organization has purchased and rehabilitated seven small vacant buildings, which were sold to local residents.


The department continually seeks opportunities to create housing for low and moderate-income families. Financing for these projects are secured from the City, State, Federal Government, banks, and financial intermediaries.


In 2014, Los Sures completed the rehabilitation of a 56-unit HUD 202 senior building located at 201 Roebling Street in Brooklyn. The project was financed with New York State Low-Income Housing Tax Credits through a partnership with The Richman Group.  The rehabilitation included all new kitchens, bathroom upgrades, new roofing, new windows, a new elevator, and an improved HVAC systems. Most noticeable is the newly redesigned lobby area, community recreation room, and outdoor garden space, which were improved utilizing Active Design elements developed in collaboration with the New York City Department of Health. Los Sures also worked with LISC’s Two Shades of Green initiative to implement green cleaning measures in the building to improve the quality of life of tenants so that they would no longer be exposed to potentially harmful chemicals.


In late 2014, Los Sures closed on construction financing for six of its Special Initiatives Program (SIP) buildings and 383 Hewes Street, which already began undergoing rehabilitations. The buildings in these two projects, consisting of 144 units, will receive new roofs, parapets, and boilers as well as other necessary capital work, including the restoration of their masonry facades. A new scope will be implemented in conjunction with Community Preservation Corporation’s energy efficiency initiative which will add further items to make the buildings greener.


The South Side has a conspicuous deficiency of park space, which has had detrimental effects on the health and well-being of area residents. In an effort to curb this problem, Los Sures continued its role as the lead agency working with former Council Member Diana Reyna on BQGreen , a unique project covering a section of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, providing much needed open park space to neighborhood residents.


In 2015, Los Sures plans to reposition the 21-unit residential building at 907 Driggs Avenue to provide financing for renovations. The rehabilitation work scope includes new roofing and windows, as well as updating the HVAC, elevator, and trash compactor systems. In addition to the modernization improvements, Los Sures will also implement several new green design measures in lighting and insulation through a partnership with BrightPower, aimed at improving energy efficiency and overall building performance.


In addition to the rehabilitation of existing buildings in the portfolio, Los Sures is also planning new residential construction and is currently in the planning and predevelopment stages for 211-213 South 4th Street and at the former Rheingold Brewery site in Bushwick. The 211-213 South 4th Street project is a partnership with Two Trees, and preliminary projections call for a 54-unit building at 120% of AMI. The Rheingold project is a joint venture with Churches United for Fair Housing, utilizing land acquired from Read Property Group in late 2013. Los Sures hopes to leverage community support to expand its catchment area and build around 70 units of senior housing to reverse the trend of displacement in Bushwick.


Los Sures is currently looking into the possibility of installing solar panels and/or solar thermal heaters on the roofs of several of our buildings. Greening and sustainability is a priority in our community, and the installation of these technologies would mean lower energy costs and the ability to keep our housing stock affordable in the long-term.


We have also worked with the Brooklyn Greens Cool Roofs program, hosting an event on the roof of our building at 120 Gerry Street. Community members volunteered to paint the entire roof white, which reduces roof temperatures by up to 80 degrees and lowers energy costs needed to cool the building. The three-year, $750,000 action plan launched by Brooklyn Community Foundation is designed to guide three distinct Brooklyn communities in their efforts to implement sustainable practices toward broad environmental improvement.




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