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Community Organizing

The Los Sures Organizing Department provides technical assistance to neighborhood residents by providing tenant consultations, improving their self-leadership, and advocating for their housing rights. Every  year over 1,700 residents receive direct assistance from the department.  Additionally, staff helps residents in forming and facilitating building-based tenant associations, providing resources through meetings and workshops, accompanying tenants to housing court and to other housing-related agencies.


The department works with 12 HDFC’s and 14 Tenant Associations. Throughout the year, Los Sures® works with various organizations and coalitions to advocate for affordable housing, including:


•Association for Housing and Neighborhood Development- Works to build the strength of the community development movement in New York City.

•Broadway Triangle Community Coalition- Works to ensure that the whole community is included in the development process of that area.

•Mobilization against Displacement- Fights displacement in North Brooklyn.

•Housing Task Force (ACABO)- Seeks to create relationships with city and state agencies to ensure prompt attention to buildings with abusive landlords and hazard conditions.

•Rheingold Coalition-Works to ensure that the community is involved in the development process at the Rheingold site.

•Right to Counsel-Works to pass legislation that will allow every person the rights to legal assistance.

•Stand for Tenants’ Safety - Works on legislation that will provide safety for tenants in buildings that are undergoing construction.

•Rent Regulations Coalition (R3): Works to make sure that the rent regulations are renewed and strengthened.


Los Sures® also organizes community residents and volunteers to participate in various marches and rallies throughout the city.


Services Provided:


  • Anti-Displacement activities
  • Organization of tenant associations
  • Workshops on tenant rights
  • Housing clinics & Housing Information
  • DHCR form assistance
  • SCRIE & DRIE assistance
  • Housing application assistance
  • Community leadership development
  • Work with S.OS.
  • Assistance in management of low-income HDFC co-ops
  • Other activities concerning the community (education, immigration, civic engagement and more)




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