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For over 40 years, Southside United HDFC has witnessed dynamic changes in South Williamsburg. As the area undergoes gentrification and demand for housing rises, rent costs have increased significantly- more than doubling in the past few years alone. Although many long-term residents have been displaced, others continue to proudly form part of this thriving neighborhood.


To preserve the history of the neighborhood’s residents while welcoming new residents, Los Sures hosts various cultural events throughout the year celebrating diversity, including: Dominican Independence Day Celebration, Puerto Rican Heritage Celebration, 12th Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner, Los Sures Festival, South 5th Street Block Association Block Party, Dominican Restoration Day Celebration, and Los Sures Halloween.


In 2014, El Museo de Los Sures teamed up with the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) to host international artists who were eager to engage the community. 2014 artists included Alice Schivardi (Italy), Michelle-Marie Letelier (Chile), and Itziar Barrio (Spain). The museum’s lineup for 2015 has already been filled with international artists and an exhibition by NYU students researching gentrification in Williamsburg and Bushwick.  Los Sures created the museum in 2012 to unite established and new residents through art while remembering the heritage of the individuals who shaped this community.


Los Sures also publishes Williamsburg Now, a bilingual newspaper with stories about  North Brooklyn and the great work that Los Sures and other organizations, businesses, and community leaders have undertaken here. The newspaper consistently includes stories about art and cultural events.  In 2014, it was published quarterly and  beginning in 2015, it will increase it’s frequency to become a monthly publication. Readers can find the publication in print at various locations and on-line.


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