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Food Pantry & Hydroponic Farm

The Los Sures® Food Pantry began serving South Side residents in 1996, when Los Sures® Social Services adopted the program from the Hispanic Federation. Back then, the pantry provided supplemental food assistance to only 20 families and today that number has grown to over 18,762 individuals. With the help of the Food Bank for New York City and other state and federal agencies, the pantry evolved into a Choice Pantry. Choice Pantries award points to eligible residents based on family size and income, which allows them to choose from different items they can take home instead of the old means of receiving prepackaged meals.


On June 5, 2012 the pantry celebrated the first harvest of its Hydroponic Farm, which now provides fresh lettuce to its clients. With the help from Boswyck Farms and a seed grant from United Way of New York City, the farm now yields over 72 heads of lettuce weekly. Pantry clients can participate in the harvest and choose their lettuce to take home- it does not get any fresher than that!


Every Tuesday the pantry distributes food and clients are given a designated day per month to prevent overcrowding or food shortages. The pantry is operated by Los Sures® Social Services staff and dedicated volunteers. To sign-up or to volunteer, call (718) 599-1940.


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