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Have you lived in Williamsburg for a long time?


Record your story! Become part of a project in the Spring of 2016 to catalog the history of the people of the South Side of Williamsburg, also known as “Los Sures”.


To sign up, contact 212-992-6305 or email













My name is Becky Amato and I will be teaching a course at NYU called “(Dis)Placed Urban Histories.”  The course takes place in the spring semester between the end of January and the beginning of May, 2016.I would like to invite you to serve as an important part of the course by helping us tell the history – your history – of Los Sures.


Here’s how you can help us:


  • Commit to participating in three, 2-hour workshops with the students and me during the semester. The workshops will involve discussions that include residents and students, training in how to interview one another, some picture-taking, some mapping, and a chance to examine historical documents about Williamsburg.
  • Read 2-3 short articles about gentrification, which I will provide for you.
  • Agree to be interviewed by a student about your life and the Los Sures neighborhood, and agree to interview the student in return!
  • Let us take a photograph of you.
  • If you are comfortable doing so, loan us an object from your life that we can use in an exhibit to take place in summer 2016 at El Museo de Los Sures.


At the end of the semester, the students will organize an exhibit about the people and personal histories of Los Sures at El Museo de Los Sures.  The exhibit will be based mostly on the interviews, photographs, and other materials we produce in collaboration with you.  All of the materials will also be catalogued in a digital exhibit that will feature your stories.


We hope that this project will give us all a chance to learn and listen.  Many residents of Los Sures have little to no contact with NYU students, except in relation to the overwhelming and emotional processes of gentrification and displacement.  Likewise, NYU students have very little understanding of the communities, like Los Sures, that have kept New York alive and working since before they were born.  While this small effort will not stop displacement, it is one step toward preserving the legacy of self-determination, political activism, and community engagement that Los Sures represents.  I hope you will join us!


Call 212-992-6305 or email to sign up!


El Museo de Los Sures

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