Southside United HDFC, better known as “Los Sures®,” is a community-based, non-profit organization that has served as an integral part in rebuilding the South Side of Williamsburg, Brooklyn for over 42 years. Los Sures has undertaken large-scale rehabilitation of many buildings, allowing families and individuals to live comfortably and creating an aesthetically pleasing neighborhood. We have entered an exciting time in our organization, as our programs go far beyond developing affordable housing:

Our Social Services Department is devoted to assisting the community by providing free benefits enrollment, tax filing, and monthly groceries at its food pantry, named “Agency of the Year” by the Food Bank for New York City. The pantry features a hydroponic farm and live chickens providing fresh vegetables and eggs directly to our community without the need for freight or soil contamination.

  • Our Senior Center provides a variety of classes and services to seniors and was selected as one of only 5 centers citywide by NYC’s Department for the Aging and United Neighborhood Houses of New York to participate in the Older Adults Strengthening Communities through Food initiative to build and develop best practices for a strength-based and purpose-driven approach to programming in senior centers.
  • Our Organizing Department energizes community residents to advocate for housing issues and offers direct counseling to tenants who experience problems with their landlords. As a community partner of the Domino site developer, the department has begun educating families on how to qualify for the affordable housing units to be constructed.
  • Our Real Estate Development department is currently repositioning 60% of its housing portfolio to preserve long-term affordability, while at the same time expanding our catchment area through a partnership with a private developer to create affordable housing in Bushwick.

We hope that you will join us as we help to improve the lives of North Brooklyn residents. Your monetary contribution and support will help us to continue to provide the aforementioned services, to expand our reach, and to develop effective and innovative programs that benefit community residents.