Los Sures “David Santiago” Senior Center Hosts Flu Shot Event

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Senior takes preventative action against the flu.

By Stephanie Pinilla

On September 11, at 11:00 a.m., Los Sures “David Santiago” Senior Center hosted a free Flu Shot Event sponsored by Rite Aid. Rite Aid Wellness Ambassador, Jennifer Rolston, explained how Rite Aid became involved in distributing flu shots to the senior center.

“Working for Rite Aid, we contact different senior centers and ask if they would be interested in giving their seniors free flu shots,” Rolston said. “We come and deliver it to them so that they don’t have to go elsewhere.”

Seniors get flu shots.

Sonia Iglesias, Los Sures “David Santiago” Senior Center Director, was enthusiastic about the event.

“I feel great about hosting the event because some seniors are lonely and this is a familiar place to them,” Iglesias said. “With the resources available to them I know they’re going to do the right thing and get their shots.”

Rite Aid Wellness Ambassador Jennifer Rolston and a senior discuss the flu shot’s importance.

Seniors took the flu shot as a preventative measure.

I’m afraid of getting the flu,” said Sonia Mercer, a senior center member. “I have a personal doctor but this is even better.”

Mercer explained that being able to receive her flu shot at the center was more convenient than going to her doctor because she goes to the center every day. About 50 people participated in the successful event.

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